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Hi, my name is Shrook and I hope you will have fun in my website.

Airplane Quebec

At First

It have been a while since I didn't travel at this time.I was really exicted I started to take picture of everything even the flight that we took from here haha.

In the flight To Quatar

First transit

The first flight was to Qatar because we had to stop in Qatar airport.It was so big and beautiful, but sadly I didn't take any picture of Qatar airport .

Second transit Lebanon

First transit

We went to Lebanon for one day but because of some of the covid rules we had to stay two other days.

Egypt Nile


I visited the Nile in Egypt and we took a boat and we stayed in it like for 30 minutes.It was really great.

Egypt 2 Pyramids at night

Egypt 2

This time I went to see the Pyramids ,but it was from a restaurent close to it